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High speed

Excessive speed limit infringements

The report Excessive speed limit infringements (2011) is the result of the eight theme analysis conducted by AIB, the Danish Accident Investigation Board.
The report differs from previous AIB publications by combining qualitative
and quantitative measures in two independent studies, presented in two
independent subsections.

First, a qualitative study is presented based on interviews with motorists having
been stopped by the police for exceeding speed limits by a large margin.
Second, a quantitative study is presented based on a cross-analysis of data
from earlier AIB road traffic accidents implying excessive speed. The accidents
included were all investigated in one of the former AIB theme analyses (theme
1-7), following the standard AIB data analysis procedure. The cross-analysis
does not comprise new and previously unpublished road traffic accident data.

Throughout the report excessive speeding is defined as exceeding the speed
limit by more than 30%. This margin is the limit set by the Danish state
authorities for putting points on the driving license.

AIB recommend: Speed must be reduced
The report ‘Excessive speed limit infringements’ indicates the major challenge
in respect of changing the behavior of motorists driving considerably faster
than is permitted. According to the AIB theme analysis, high speed is involved
in a large proportion of road traffic accidents. But most accidents where a
motorist exceeded the speed limit by more than 30 % could have been avoided,
if the speed limit had been observed.

Based on the findings presented the AIB recommend a series of arrangements
to reduce speed limit infringements on all types of road. In specific, the AIB
recommend measures taken in the following areas by order of the authorities:

  • Support of a less ego-driven traffic culture
  • More frequent police checks
  • Further development of Intelligent Speed Adjustment (ISA)
  • The roads must clearly indicate the desirable speed
  • Continued focus on speed in road traffic campaigns
  • More information about actual speed levels
  • Increased focus on road conditions and safety
  • Special efforts aimed at young motorists
  • Putting points on the driving license must be retained
  • Automatic speed limiters must be introduced