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Accidents involving tractors and motorized equipment

Every year approximately 45 road accidents take place involving tractors and different kinds of motorized equipment. These accidents are mostly serious accidents resulting in road fatalities and/or involving seriously injured road users.
In order to gain an insight into why these accidents take place, and to find out which areas are to be analyzed to prevent the accidents from happening, the Danish road traffic accident investigation board has started an in-depth analysis.
The investigation will among other things look into the significance of the vehicles of this type of accident, e.g. the braking capacity, the signs of the vehicles and the view from the vehicles. With time the vehicles have become larger and larger, which can contribute to the fact that more and more serious accidents take place.
Other elements which will be analyzed are: the significance and consequences of speeding, the structure and composition of the road and the role of the road users. Those involved in the accidents will be interviewed.

As the amount of this type of accident is relatively low, the investigation will take place during the next years in order to build up the necessary foundation for an in-depth analysis. The results of the investigation will be ready during 2015 – at the earliest. This investigation is being carried out as an extra investigation parallel to the Investigation Board’s other investigations.