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Danish Road Traffic Accident Investigation Board

The objective of the Danish Road Traffic Accident Investigation Board (AIB) is to compile knowledge of road traffic accidents. Any new knowledge acquired is to be applied for the benefit of improved road safety. The AIB is comprised by an interdisciplinary group of members engaged in in-depth analyses of frequent and serious types of road traffic accidents. The AIB investigates the circumstances of individual accidents in order to form a precise picture of the underlying factors.

The AIB carries out analyses based on available material from the police, vehicle inspectors, road authorities, hospitals/emergency rooms and the Department of Forensic Medicine.

The AIB complements this material with its own investigation of the vehicles involved and of the scene of the accident, and interviews with the parties involved in the accident as well as any witnesses, the police and the rescue team.

The AIB is commissioned to contribute new or supplementary knowledge in road safety, which at the initiative of other institutions leads to preventive action against road traffic accidents. The object is not to determine the question of guilt or innocence in a legal sense.

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